Sunday, February 2, 2014

Colour Challenge - Scraptastic

Here with my layout from the colour challenge over at the Scraptastic blog (4th January Challenge).  It was to use white, black, pink and gold. Gotta say not a combo I use often having 2 boys and us doing a lot of outdoors hiking and nature photography :) But I had quite a lot of it built up (and confession I'm a wee bit obsessed right now with gold bits!) so was easy to find supplies.

So story here is we did a family photo shoot and ended up with several we all really liked.  Including one of me and my husband that is in my top 3 fav EVER.  When we were finishing and walking up out of location #3 (which was a total BUST) my husband still have the camera out and was telling me something funny. I was laughing and laughing and he snapped these shots. I did NOT like them.  Why? Stupid really but I don't like my teeth. So usually I don't smile that... big?... for photos. But my husband liked them and said it was me in a moment of happiness and he thought I was beautiful.  What woman can argue with that?  So I printed them and decided to do a layout about needing to accept those things about yourself that others just don't see as a problem :)

This layout was one of those that was a comedy of errors... but that's okay.  I got the Thickers stuck on the photo, so the "@ 37" is not where I wanted it to go.  I dropped a box on the layout so that quote is covering a big rip in the background paper... BUT, those things ended up working out just fine and I wouldn't have found that quote if I hadn't drop the box and it was pretty darn perfect.

Here's my layout:

Wow, those are shiny gold Thickers :) (but I love them... sorry didn't notice the glare until I posted this picture!)