Friday, August 30, 2013

Noel Mignon Summer Camp

Me again :)  I participated in the Noel Mignon summer camp crop (if you haven't seen the Noel Mignon monthly kits... you are in for an amazing treat!!  Go HERE).  I got a LOT done in that week and wanted to share them all here. There are a lot so I'm not going to fuss around putting them in the right order but will put the name of the challenge underneath each :)

Weaving challenge

Nature Hike
Mess Hall Challenge

Trail Mix

Capture The Flag

Swimming by the Lake

Spooky Stories

Campfire Songs

First Aid

Wood shop



Letters Home

S'mores (layers)

Summer of Colour - Video #3

So I THOUGHT I hadn't done a layout for this video and then realized I HAD!  I had watched her video about using neutrals or black to go with a photo that had a lot of colour or you really wanted to empathsize, and then shortly afterward I was participating in a crop and wanted to use this picture that my husband took on a camping trip recently:

The challenge was to include stars in the layout and I wanted to do a twist on that and I really wanted the fire to stand out the way it does when you are out camping and darkness falls.  So I did this layout below.  I can tell you very honestly I have NEVER used black cardstock as a base for a layout before. EVER.  Not even on a Halloween page! 

After several tries I used mist to mimic the night sky on black cardstock (Heidi Swapp Gold Lame mist).  It was very hard to photograph but in person... I think it's wow.  Even my 9-year-old son said "Mommy, how did you find paper that looks like the sky at night?"  When I told him I made it look like that.. well, he was pretty impressed with me :)

Have a scrappy day!!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer of Colour

Morning all.  I have been watching Lilith Eeckel's Summer Video series since July and playing along to most (I'm still bit stumped on #3 & #4!!) and forgot to post any of them.  So I will share them here with you today and link them all up.  I only have a short bit to get the rest done so hope I get some scrappy inspiration :)

Video #1 - Summer colours, making them work
I used lots of the Pier collection from Crate Paper which was my ALL TIME FAV summer collection this year.  I was sort of hoarding it so... I did it!! I used it :)

Video #2 - Pick 2 colours with a neutral.  I find I do this alot but this one fits the bill well.
This is Elle's Studio paper with some of my own stash.  I left the branding strip on the bottom and cut off the top as I thought it was a good match to all the colour in the background of the photo.

Video #5 - 2 main colours with accents.  This was a stretch for me and I LOVE being challenged.  I wasn't sure about it at ALL when I was finished but... I really like it now.
Mainly the blue and yellow which I drew from the pictures with a few accents of the red and pink.  My inspiration for this layout was HERE

Video #6 - Ombre!  I created this layout of my niece using yellowy-cream thru to darker pink and love how soft and pretty it is!

Video #7 - Mix colour with black.  I did this rainbow of colour and wanted a bit long title so mixed all my black Thickers and they really popped on all that colour underneath.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sorry, it's been too long!!

I have been posting TONS but only on Facebook groups or company challenges so... I promise to get back to posting here too.  I have so much I could share but thought I'd share the BIGGEST change in my scrapbooking to date.  Yes, I did it, and I swore I wouldn't... I started doing Project Life!  Now, I wouldn't say I'm doing a picture a day or even doing it the same as many people do.  For one, I am not doing a separate Project Life album.  I am mixing it in my regular chronological albums.  And two, sometimes if I cover it in Project Life, I still do a 12x12 "regular" layout about it too.  Or I don't :)

I was watching a video over at Two Peas yesterday by Nancy Damiano HERE and she called using PL-style pocket protectors "Pocket Scrapbooking" rather than Project Life.  She did 1 - 12x12 layout of an event and then had a TON of extra pictures to scrap.  Rather than doing a double layout (or two or more!) she used pocket protectors and just did a bit of embellishing.  And she mixes these into her regular album too.

I'm just doing both :)  haha.  For example, my boys had a double party for their summer birthdays in June.  It is super hard to get kids during the summer so we did the weekend before school got out so they could have all their friends.  I put their invite and pictures of their cakes on my PL spread for that week and then did a double layout too.  (pictures aren't great, sorry. I snapped quick on my iPad as I just really wanted to get this blog post UP!!)
Spread for that week (note: I also included an insert to hold their belt certificates!)

Close up

Double layout of their party (Note: this layout scraplifted from Crop & Create delivered - believe Vicki Boutin's layout - small changes but VERY close)

AND, as I said, I have also done PL the other way.  I went on a trip to Whistler with my hubbie and friends in early June and I just really didn't want to do 5 different layouts about it.  Especially as we met family on the way home and did a couple things with them.  I put the highlights into a two-page PL spread and was happy it was done!!  
I have two "flip-ups" on here too (bottom right of L page and top right of R page)  I guess I could have done layouts as I had a lot of pictures but I really didn't feel I wanted to with these and am super happy about putting it in this format!

I also happened to have all I wanted done prior to this page so knew I'd have a blank "back" of my PL spread.  I had this picture I had really liked so blew it up to 12x12 and used it as a "title" page.  I may do this again as it is striking but I may also try sewing a  blank 12x12 and a blank PL together if need be!  But really, I'll more likely just put stuff in slightly out of order :)  Sewing and me... yah, not great :)

One last PL to share is these two different weeks I did of camping.  I was doing a challenge for the crop they had over at Noel Mignon a few weeks ago to use woodgrain so I did both these camping trips at the same time.

That's it for today but PROMISE, I'll be back soon :)