Monday, February 22, 2010

Layout Monday

Sharing my Weekly 52 Challenge #7 from Janna Wilson today. Finished it last night but while still sweaty from being shredded by Jillian Michaels... so picture to come. Here it is now!! (only 3 hours late but doubt many people noticed, haha) Hate that picture by the way but... you know what, my kids need to know what I looked like when they were growing up so I have put it in. Notice how it is B&W, LOL!!

Here's Janna's:

I'm off to get gel nails tomorrow morning (my day off and not one meeting!! YES!!!) as my reward for 20lbs off since September. I am actually 1.3lbs off that goal but had booked this early in the month and am just going anyways :) Don't closeys count?



Head Bitty said...

Wooooooot!! Congratulations, that's quite the accomplishment. Yes 'closeys' count. I hope I don't appear stalker like being pretty much the only one posting, but you're on my blog roll and you told us to comment so.....

Jen said...

And thank you very much!! I know I have others checking all the time but... no comments. I LOVE getting comments!