Monday, July 23, 2012

Sketch of the week

I am currently obsessed with Shimelle Laine and every layout, video or class she's ever done.  Yes, I will admit it.  But I love her style and love her videos that she does start to finish with just a bit of creative editing (cause she's right, we really don't need to sit and watch her ink everything but I love that she TELLS us she did that!).  So I am obsessively working through her awesome blog ( and found her Sketch of the Week series. Here is my take on her sketch for Nov 2, 2011.  I did some serious scraplifting here but loved the simplicity of the layout and how it let the picture be the focus.  Cause this was one of those pictures I cry while I scrapbook (yes, I know I look really happy in it).  And one that after I take it... I almost dread scraping it cause I know it's gonna make me cry.

So here is Shimelle's version:

scrapbooking sketch and scrapbook page ideas

And here is mine:

And so you know why this seemingly happy picture made me cry, here is the journalling:
"I'm always sad the day before the boys' birthdays.  My babies are growing up and while I love their new independence and traits, I miss them little.  So my last hug ever from a seven year old of mine cause he's (title) not quite EIGHT yet..."

Take the time to do something scrappy today.


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