Monday, January 6, 2014

Scraptastic - Scraplift Challenge

First time playing over at the Scraptastic blog!  This challenge posted January 2nd (HERE) was to take one of the 12 layouts from 2013 and scraplift it. I picked Tracy's July layout as I liked the linear lines of it and had several fantastic pictures I really really wanted to use immediately... they are from Saturday.  Yes, THIS Saturday, January 4th.  Apologies all around to anyone NOT on the west coast of North America and in the midst of the freezing temperatures or swirling snow storms.  It was that nice here (about 8 degrees C but in the sun...)

Here is Tracy's layout:

Here is mine:

Apologies also for the super crappy photo quality.  My iPhone camera seems to be getting WORSE and it's dark out so using artifical, overhead light.  Boo.  I'll take again later and repost.


1 comment:

Madeline said...

Great lift! So cool that you were able to be inspired by a summer page for your winter one! Thanks for participating in the Scraptastic challenge.