Monday, July 7, 2014

2014 Album - A Catch up post!

So I had wonderful plans to take photos of my PL as I went this year and... that did not happen. So I took time I really didn't have today and snapped shots of my entire album to date for 2014. I didn't do fancy lighting or even take the PL or regular layouts out of their page protectors. But for the most part they turned out pretty good and with some super quick editing and some online slide show help... here it is:

Disclaimer, this is likely missing a few layouts (No, I KNOW it is missing a few layouts) and I hope to go back and fix this once they get done. BUT, on the whole, this is likely to most caught up I have EVER been in my 14 years of scrapbooking.  I have a new system of downloading photos once a month and printing off all the PL and layout photos immediately I want to do. And, obviously, this is working for me. I just downloaded all of June and will be printing those off this week. I finished May's PL today.

Click on it and the slideshow should then play on it's own (having some issues with this only showing 15 of the 21 slides... I do not know why EDIT this is a limitation of using the free version of PhotoSnack. I've added a 2nd slideshow to show the missing 6 photos)


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Davida said...

Looks awesome!! One day I'll be caught up too. :-p. I love that you're doing project life :-). Total time saver ( maybe even $$ saver too) right?