Friday, February 20, 2009

On-line crop and do you feel....??

The online crop at Lil Scrappers starts at 3pm (PST) Can't wait! The last one I created so many fabulous pages, cards and projects (see older posts) that I could hardly believe it. You just need to register for their forum ( and the look for the 2009 crop topic once you're in there. Great group of DTs and members and the store owner Bev is wonderful and helpful.

On a completely different subject: Last night, I had a super frustrating night. I was down to my last piece of photo paper, I was struggling to pick pictures for a LO and finally was ready to print them off. And then... the printer printed them all funny and orange. I was ready to start crying and had to just turn it all off and walk away. Do you even feel so frustrated during the creative process that you do this? Just walk away...

What I should have done was clean up, put away scraps and left myself a clean, open space to be creative in today (after I'd picked up more photo paper and figure out what is up with my printer). Next time I'll have to remember that this IS a process and sometimes it doesn't go well. Maybe I'll learn something new and amazing about my printer... maybe I'll learn to pre-print pictures from Costco (but I love resizing and doing pages on the fly so I really hope I learn something about the printer). My point is that I needed to follow my general life philosophy (learned after having 2 boys 23 months apart) "take a deep breath, clean it up and move on".

Have a great day everyone and I hope to see you over at the crop.


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