Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Product Highlight - Pearls and Rhinestones

Okay, I'll admit it, I love bling :)  And when Stampin' Up put pearls and rhinestones into the new 2010-11 Idea Book... WOW, I was flying!  So, very appropriate for me to have these as one of my highlights from my Top Ten list.  Which, I realize I have never posted on here, so I will later in the week :)

I have already cracked open both sets (see previous posts!  and most future ones too, LOL) and these are great.  I have always loved using these on cards, they just add a little something extra and are less messy than glitter and glue when you are in a hurry.  The next card I'm posting (sorry Fran, it will be up tomorrow) has rhinestones as accents on a punched butterfly - so pretty!


There are a lot in this pack - I'm very happy with the pricing on these!!


Take some time and do something scrappy (and with bling!) today!



Fran Chiupka said...

Wooooot! I got mention in a post! HA! I'm looking forward to the blingy post tomorrow.

bnlturcotte said...

I'm def going to add these to my top ten which I will get to you shortly! :)

kiwi-creations said...

I had these on my first order too-love bling.