Friday, February 6, 2015

Quick update!

Hi everyone! I have been MIA due to crop prep and then a nasty cold I caught a week ago.  I haven't had a voice for 3 days so... no new videos either.

BUT, my You Tube Channel has been sneaking up slowly in my absence to over 200 subscribers (wow, that is super duper exciting!!!) and I planned to do a challenge and prize for 250.

So, as I'm late to my own party, I decided to UP the prize.  I will be issuing a layout challenge really soon (like when I can TALK!!).  I decided I am doing a GC to an online scrapbook store for the number of subscribers I have at the end of the challenge - but, sorry ladies, I am on a pretty lean budget so not in the hundreds but the 10s!

By this I mean if I am at 330 subs at the end of challenge, I will do a GC for $33.  Or if I am at 240 for $24.  You get the idea.

So I will be back very soon to share what the challenge is.  I asked on a couple FB groups what would be the best store to do the GC for and seems like Simon Says Stamp. I want to contact them to make sure that will work (me giving GC to someone else) but unless it is a no-go that seems to work the best.  I wanted somewhere with really reasonable international shipping rates.

Thanks for stopping by!!


PS I also plan to do a couple more PL process videos as my last seemed pretty popular by the # of views it got and also a video on how I do crop prep.

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