Friday, September 18, 2015

CROP!! - The Crafty Maven Getaway

Hello everyone. Letting you know that there is an all day crop tomorrow, Saturday, September 19th that is open for submissions all week (some challenges have prizes and some are just for fun).

Head over to The Crafty Maven Getaway Destination Group to check it out:

Also!!!! I am doing a live scraproom tour today at 2:30 pm PST on Periscope.

Here is my twitter account and it will tweet out when I get started:

LASTLY... (so exciting) I am starting off the crop with some Friday chatting on a Group Skype call at 6:30 pm.  FIND ME on Skype (Jen Stokes, Victoria, BC Canada - white shirt and blue scarf in photo) and add me as a contact. I can then add you to the group call.

IF Skype does not cooperate, we will move over the FB group and chat there!

I also have a video up on The Crafty Maven Getaway You Tube channel tomorrow morning for Scraplift Saturday... here's a little peek :)

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