Monday, September 28, 2015

LIFTED - A bimontly series on You Tube

Hello everyone! I have been very remise in updating my blog lately as sometimes it is hard between all the social media platforms.  BUT, as someone who also enjoying reading about people's process sometimes, I will make an effort to start getting posts up at least as often as I put up videos!

I have been doing a series for the past several months called "LIFTED."  This series started out as me alone doing a layout/video when I saw a layout that just spoke to me and immediately had me wanting to scrap.  I was approached by Christy Hariman, a fellow Canadian and BC scrapper about doing this together and I thought "WHAT FUN!".  So every 2nd and 4th Thursday we are doing this.  We take turned picking a layout that speaks to us and I think it is really fun to see how the same layout can be interrupted so differently or what about the original inspired us.

As I was prepping for this post, I went to You Tube to count how many of these we have done! I was shocked so I am NOT going to post them all here. But I will share with you the link to Christy's channel where you can find all her videos for this series.

Christy's Beautiful Life: You Tube Channel.

And below I will put my last several here, as well as a link to my channel where I do have a Lifted playlist so you can find them easily.

ScrapsbyJen - Lifted Series Playlist.

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