Monday, September 2, 2013

Taking inspiration...

Evening all.  I have a confession.  My little happy morning routine (almost every morning) is to grab a cup of coffee (or when I'm super lucky my hubbie BRINGS it to me!) and sit in bed and watch YouTube videos about scrapbooking.  I'm not a rise-and-shiner.  I don't wake up ready to face the day and JUMP out of bed ready to take on the world. What I am is a slow-to-wake, need a bit of time to get my brain functioning, person.  I need some caffeine and I don't need someone talking at me.  Well, at least not so I have to talk back at least.  So this little routine for 10-20 minutes sipping my coffee and soaking in some scrappy inspiration works very awesome for me :)

This morning I was watching the Two Peas videos (hurray there is a new one almost every day... special request for a Sunday one too, please...LOL) and today's particular one wasn't my "style" but I am learning to watch them anyways as while I might not want to do an exact scraplift (which I am completely incapable of... but that's another blog post in itself...) I do always pull something from each and every video I watch.

So, I super hope she doesn't mind (or take offense) but I wanted to post todays and what I pulled from it. Here is today's layout from Celine Navarro (see it HERE in the 213 in 2013 video series).

And here is what I pulled from this layout (which is a LOT when I typed it all out):
  1. 6 horiztonal photos in a collage taking up approx 1/3 of the page.
  2. Could print two sets of these on a 12x12 print and save $$ but also get 2 layouts from it OR a double layout.
  3. This would be a very easy convert to a double layout.
  4. Mixing the colour and B&W shots looks really cool.  Need to try!
  5. Layering PL-style cards.  Would be a very easy layout to get done and/or to use up extra PL cards.  While watching I had an immediate idea to do this top and bottom and layer my title over it.  Must try!
  6. BIG title on the Silhouette is super striking.  Like the mix of fonts too.
  7. Not a colour scheme I might have tried on my own but love the mix of bold green, yellow, black, white, grey and hints of the teal.  
  8. The camera welded onto the title lettering is super cute.  Can't say I would have thought to do that.
  9. Mating the entire layout on that red background.  Rather than centering it she's justified it to the left and just see the red top/bottom/right.  NEVER done that but like it. 
Think that's it but likely later something else will fly into my mind when I least expect it :)  If it does, I'll try to come back and add it.

***EDIT: Sept 3, 2013

Ended up having a brain wave with a layout that has been sitting out for a while and used elements from this to finish it.  Can you see what I pulled?

Happy scrapping!


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