Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week in the Life

I played along with the Week in the Life at Ali Edwards' blog this year. I hadn't done it before but for some reason this year I felt it would be great.  I found the number of pictures I took really decreased as the week went on and then I had a bunch again Saturday and Sunday.  I think doing different things those days helped to renew my interest.

I also tried using the app Collect to do this (fantastic timing on doing the Project Life Lessons class over at Big Picture Classes as it was mentioned during the class).  You add your photos in to a polaroid-style template and can journal right on that.  It's fantastic.  Here's an example:

 I can then save these to my Camera Roll on my iPhone, download to my computer and after cropping in Photoshop, I put two of these at 3x4 onto a 4x6 canvas and then can print.  So like this:

Then I just have to cut down the middle and put into page protectors. OH, and I decided to use my regular Design A Project Life page protectors.  Adding in 1 4x6 cover shot each day and then as many of these 3x4s as I can take.  When it isn't full, I'll add in journaling cards.  Here's one of the cover pictures. (I added in the Week in the Life and the day myself in Photoshop)

I just sent the entire week off to London Drugs to get it printed so I will be back to share how it turned out!!  Each day will be 1 - 12x12 Design A page protector so I'll take shots of each day and put them in.  BUT, you won't get to see for a week as it's all going to Crop for Kids with me this weekend (Sept 27-29).

Keep scrapping!

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Davida said...

I really like those polaroids! Must try :-)