Saturday, September 21, 2013

Reveal for Memory Workshop - September Kit

I was totally excited to be asked to be the guest designer for the Memory Workshop September kit.  Sandra owns this BC company and does monthly scrapbook kits for a very affordable price with fantastic customer service!! Check her out!!!  No really... go HERE.  So I was thrilled to be asked and didn't even ASK her what was in the kit before I said yes as... well I just knew whatever it was, I would like it.

I am super late getting this reveal posted too!! Not from lack of enthusiasm, but more from a rather busy change in our life recently (I'm sure more will get posted on that later!!).  So, as I hang my head in shame over it's tardiness, here is the reveal:

I was asked to do 2 double page spreads with instructions (which, BTW, is harder than it sounds!  I'd never typed out how I did layouts before and I tend to "eyeball" stuff so there was me obsessing over stuff with a ruler.  haha)  This first is a spread from, ahem, 10 years ago :)  This is my eldest on his first birthday. I made him is own little chocolate cake to get into.  And he did. He really really did get into it.  (with a fair amount of encouragement from the older kids at  the party)

Number 2 double pager is these beautiful pictures my husband took this summer from around here.  We have only lived on Vancouver Island since Dec 2011 so the abundance of flowers here (like EVERYWHERE) is still amazing for us so we take pictures all the time. Like even in a mall parking lot cause there are flowers in the mall parking lot!!
Next I could do "bonus" projects with the leftovers with the request to make sure no papers were left uncut. (that sort of sounds like a Star Trek mission...yes, I'm a geek. If you've read my blog before, you'll know that).  This layout was of my boys and the gaggle of boys from our street who spend the VERY LARGE portion of their summer HERE. At my house.  In my house.  Around my house... well, you get the idea :)  This was them on the trampoline in my backyard with the sprinkler under it.  They were laying down so the sprinkler would hit them full force and they could then SCREAM very loudly about it when it did. It's a boy thing!
My 2nd bonus project was this amazing picture (and really, this doesn't do it justice) of Lake Garibaldi in BC (near Whistler, BC).  My husband and his brother hiked up Black Tusk mountain and this was their view.  It's a glacier fed lake.  Stunning.

Next, I asked Sandra was she interested in me doing some Project Life stuff with the leftovers?  I always do that with my scraps and she said GO FOR IT.  I am a very firm believer you do not need to buy stuff specifically for Project Life.  I swear right here and now, other than some SUPER OLD alpha stickers that every single bit of this was just bits left over from the kit.  I cut all the paper up into 4x6 or 3x4 cards, I used the manufacturer strip for accents (this kit was all Elle's Studio Saltwater and Elle always has AWESOME strips!!).  I made best use of it all and I think it looks great.  I even, sorry insert small pat on back here, was spotlighted over at Elle's Studio for this.  See HERE

And here's a 2nd page (does go beside the first in chronological order) I also did with the same scraps!.

And lastly, I took a picture of what I had left from the kit after doing all of this.  I think I can safely say... I KILLED the kit.  Not much left at all.  Those 2 pinwheels will get used on birthday cards though and those banners together on a 3rd!

Thanks again to Sandra for asking me to be guest designer this month!  I look forward to her event next weekend Crop for Kids that she helps organize.

Keep scrapping and I will be back soon with a TON of stuff I got done at the Crop!!  I am in full on prep mode at the moment so nothing new to show (which KILLS me!! I hate prep but... know it means I get a ton done while at the crop so I do it.  UGH.  )


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