Friday, May 16, 2014

Have bag... can scrap!

So as I posted previously, my husband surprised me with a trip to the mainland to scrap with my awesome scrappy friend Sweet Scrapista last weekend.  His challenge to me beforehand was: "you know that bag you have?  Fill it up with stuff to scrap."  Yah, sure no problem, as every scrapper knows there is the eternal battle of what to bring, what to leave, do I have everything, etc.

Luckily enough for me, I had prepped a bag to do Project Life on the go earlier this year and so had a great head start.  Sweet Scrapista gave me the idea to do a PL bag and Mercy Tiara helped me figure out the how (she had a great YouTube about using the Bag in a Bag to take stuff on crops, she didn't use it like I am but the SECOND I saw it the idea formed in my head!)

So, I made a list of what are the absolute essentials I need (oh, and bought a Bag in a Bag) and then after using the bag a few times casually I added more and kept a running list of additions.  I just got a small Simon Says Stamp order in that filled it out the rest of the way and so here it is:

ALL the stuff I stuff into my Bag in a Bag (sorry it's blurry but I'm not pulling it all out again, I did edit my foot out of the shot at least! LOL)

For PL I always use small alphas, write journalling, stamp on dates, round corners, staple, ink, need adhesive, etc... I use book rings for all my embellishments now (except loose ones of course) and the one on the bottom right is all leftovers from kits to use up.  The bags are extra clips, flair, and labels, etc that are loose.

So here is me actually getting almost ALL of this into the tiny Bag in a Bag (yay, these aren't blurry, my iPhone is going!):

(note my new Tim Holtz mini ink applicators!  So cool! Perfect for this bag as the regular sized ones did not fit well at all)

I then use a bag I bought at CKU Seattle 2 years ago, an empty PL page protector box, a portable trimmer and an empty Studio Calico PL kit box (don't get their kits anymore, but the boxes sure are awesome) to round out my "Go Bag".

I use the SC box to put 4x6 and 3x4 cards, as well as matching washi tape (fits a lot of cards and tape!!). The PL page protector box has empty page protectors and an envelope of printed photos sorted and ready to be added.  With all this I can do PL anywhere (like waiting on kids or on the ferry)

I took this bag and 2 loaded up layout boxes (another post to come on how I prep layouts for crops) and I was able to scrap all weekend long with no issues. The ONLY thing I needed was 2 sheets of white cardstock when I decided I needed to mat some photos and hadn't included it in my prep. Luckily Sweet Scrapista has a bit of a stash of supplies (ahem, understatement, ahem, cough, LOL)

Here's the packed bag:
(see I labelled that SC box - it says "cards and washi" as I do have another empty one I sometimes use too.  I like using washi tape to label stuff like this as it's easy to take back off and easy to write on.)

Hope this makes sense, if not feel free to ask in the comments!


PS I also ordered myself label's that simply say "Jen's" from Mabel's Labels.  I add them to all my supplies that go to crops and it is way to easy to get stuff mixed up and that makes it very simple to know what is mine and what isn't!

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Davida said...

Catching up on my blog reading :-). I think you did an amazing job packing considering you didn't know where you were going ;-). Haha!! Nice comment about my stash - I do have just a little extra of everything - perfect for sharing :-)