Saturday, May 31, 2014

CS Sketch # 268

Morning!! I was up and awake early this am due to the pitter patter of little feet stomping and yelling of enormous tween feet :)  My eldest had a friend sleep over and the 2 of them, and shortly thereafter, my youngest were up before 7am.

So what to do but finish this sketch since it needed to be in today and has been sitting in various levels of completeness for a week :)

Here is the Creative Scrappers sketch:

And here is my version:

It needs to sit with something heavy on it for a while as I went a bit mist crazy and the edges are all curling up :)  These are OLD pictures from the fall/winter of 2003/2004 when my oldest (the above mentioned heavy-footed tween who is almost 12) was 1 and a half.  I was the one behind the camera in those days so there are a lot of photos by his proud mom of him with his dad who he adored. (he still does just not in that same toddler way).


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