Thursday, June 18, 2015

I AM...

Boy, this is a popular phrase lately.  I saw this challenge over at Felicity Jane and I had to play along.   I loved their kit this month and went into my stash to play along with similar colours (I hope they don't mind).  And I have to say (if you don't mind me going deep for this post!!), I think this is fabulous.  I think scrapbookers tend to not get out in front of the camera and something like this gets us on the page.  It gets us thinking about who we are, not just who are our kids are or what event happened.  I sat down and wrote down a TON of answers to this and then narrowed it down to the ones that I thought described me most.

I wrote:

I am tidy... Chaos makes me crazy.  Organizing settles my brain.
I am imperfect... And that is ok.  Makes me more interesting.
I am quirky... But shy, so not everyone knows this about me.
I am creative... Scrapbooking is my passion.  It is my outlet.
I am aspiring... To better myself.  To follow through.  To be the vision I see and want...

There is also some private journalling on a 3x4 card behind my photo.

I also DELIBERATELY chose a photo that was no make up, sweaty, can see my worry wrinkle, my hair is messy.  This is me.  You can tell I'm not 20 anymore.  And I am okay with that.  I earned those smile lines.  Those crinkles beside my eyes are from laughing.  That, ahem, extra chin is from having 2 babies and stress eating ... cause I worry about every damn thing!  But I am working on all of it. But I'm keeping the smile lines :)  And I am working to smile more and laugh more and worry less.

Thanks for stopping by!



Susan said...

This is such a wonderful and honest layout Jen! I'll bet it will be one you will look back on over and over again. I especially like the way you mixed the thickers and other alphas in with your journaling.

jeana said...


I love this! It's been fun getting to know people through their "I am..." pages! :) Thanks for taking the challenge!

Jen said...

I think it was a good day for me to come across this challenge. I love this layout. (and I love Thickers, haha) Thank you for your kind comment.

Jen said...

Thanks Jeana!! I just discovered your kits and boy, you knock them out of the park!!