Monday, October 15, 2012


Sorry I've been gone so long!  I was super duper busy prepping for a crop I went to this weekend.  It was totally awesome and I got 26 layouts done!!  I'm working on a slide show for those for tomorrow but for today here are some picture of all my prep work for the layout classes put on by Jennifer Edwardson (HERE) on the Friday and Sunday of the crop.

Each kit had very specific instructions on paper, how much, sizes of photos, etc... and I needed to prep 20 of them!! So I started taking pictures of each "kit" as I prepped but... then I had to just put my head down and GO!!!  I even managed to prep about 10 other layouts too for any time I had leftover Saturday after my paid for class with Summer Fullerton (SWEET) and finishing up the first 10 layouts from Friday night... cause we had around 20 minutes each to get them as far along as we could.  

And truly... I was so prepared and was totally head down full out scrapping so I got really far in such a short amount of time on each. I had to go back to do finishing touches, journalling etc but each even had some embellishment on them after the 20 minutes.  whoot whoot...  It was like the Scrapbooking Olympics!

Here is all 20 prepped and ready to go Thursday night.  They all fit into this really awesome bag my mom's friend made me.  She knew I was a scrapbooker so made sure it was slightly larger than 12x12 :)

Back tomorrow with my slideshow of what I got done!!


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