Thursday, October 18, 2012

#18 - Getting so close to finishing

I had to leave the crop I've been talking about all week early to drive back to Victoria (and thank goodness we did as we hit a detour due to a horrendous accident!) so I've been working on the last 4 layouts I needed to finish.  This is #18 and I'm off to maybe work on #19 now.  (or I might do a sketch challenge from Noel Mignon... haven't decided yet)

This isn't my FAV layout of all time but was working OUTSIDE my comfort zone with the colours so that might be it.  BUT... check out the Weekender Thickers... oh love, oh to die for, oh so glad I bought them in two colours (cause I bought 5 new sets at the store during the crop... shhh)

Unrelated... I went to the Madonna concert in Vancouver a few weekends ago. I now seem incapable of scrapping without Madonna on...  Revolver and Girls Gone Wild are my favs but... even the song I thought was "gross" at the concert is in my head... I think it's called "Bang Bang" and she sings "Bang Bang, I shot my lover in the head..." which is gross but... the dang song is super catchy and I caught myself singing it the other day!!

Have a super day! It's rainy and dreary here but with Madonna telling me to go wild and all my pretty paper... I'm doing just fine :)


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