Monday, October 1, 2012

Layout a day challenge

This month me and a few friends are challenging each other to do a layout a day!  We are all pretty busy moms with or without jobs so we aren't going to beat anyone who doesn't get that done.  We also are accepting prepped layouts or pictures each day of a layout in progress (or even a before and after of a room that was too messy to get anything done in that day til we cleaned it).  Just a kick in the butt to do SOMETHING creative each day.

So anyone out there in blogger land who wants to play along, let me know! We are posting on Facebook and I'll likely post here too.

Tomorrow I'll post a layout but for today... here is a pick of MY room that needs cleaned before I can do anything :)  I did just get my NM kit too (below with a few extra goodies I ordered!!)... whoot whoot so that is being used TODAY!!


imagine.  create.  inspire.

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