Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back to school crop - Part Two

Here are two layouts I did yesterday for the Back to School crop! I am trying really hard to get a B+ (atleast 9 challenges done) cause I know I can't get that A+ I always liked when I was in elementary school.  No time to get all 13 done by today!  But I did pretty good.

I now SERIOUSLY need to get going on prep for the crop I'm going to in Parksville in two weeks. More on that tomorrow!
A crazy layout for a crazy adventure when we arriving on Oahu for a family vacation.  Late flight, tired kids, lost in a rental car then locked out of the house with kids inside...  BUT a wonderful vacation!

My boys' first experience at Noodle Box.  (excuse the pictures, they are just paper "stand-ins" as I haven't gotten to the store to pick up my prints!!)


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