Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rathtrevor Beach

Another layout with Evening Stroll.  And there are MORE coming!!  Forgot I had this pic so I'm sneaking onto my computer to post this quickly on a Saturday morning :)  It's fairly simple but I like my pictures to be front and centre on my layouts so... I like fairly simple!  I thought the background paper was just a gorgeous shade of blue and thought the simplicity of the cream grid really made it pop without taking away from my pictures.

An FYI, Rathtrevor Beach is 1 kilometre long when the tide is out, like in these pictures.  It was quite a hike out to the water.  No really!! The adults were even kidding "are we there YET??!!" haha.  It was lovely to wade in the water and look for sand dollars with my boys.  And then we trekked back up the beach to another adventure.  Got my exercise that day :)


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