Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day at the Park

More Evening Stroll! (see previous post)  This one was from a layout I found while internet browsing (can I say too that following every scrapbook manufacturers twitter account has seriously paid off!!  No more random searching! LOVE IT!!) I am sorry I can't remember which this came from but if I find it again, I will link back to it! (I don't like to scrap lift and pretend it is mine!!)  I especially took the idea of the polaroid frame upside down highlighting a piece of the picture.  I added in the second picture though.  And I love arrows so I added lots :)  I'm thinking I might even add a couple more on that white space on the envelope.

These pictures are from our last visit to a favourite park in our old city last September. I can HARDLY believe these pictures are a year old.  This year as FLOWN by.  It's officially a year since my husband moved here.  December 17th will be mine and the kids' year.  (stupid house selling taking forever!!)

Hope you enjoy!! Leave me your blog in the comments so I can follow you too!!


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