Thursday, September 20, 2012

Starting Points - Sisters

Hi all! Me again.  This was supposed to be Friday's post but.. I wanted to link it up and am being too lazy to go do it tomorrow :)

I used the Starting Point over at to do this layout and the inspiration for the topic was from the 20th Century class over at the Back to School crop at Noel Mignon (check BOTH out if you have time!!).  For the 20th century class we needed to use pictures prior to 2000 and all I had digitally right now was from my wedding in 1997.  But I found this shot of my best friend since I was 7 and I've been thinking about her lots lately so wanted to do a page saying what she means to me.  We don't talk everyday and sometimes we can go months with no contact.  BUT... when the other needs us, it's like we KNOW!  Almost without fail if one of us has trouble or something big happening, we call the other or email and say "what's up??!!"  She called my house the day, no not the day, the HOUR I was delivering my first child cause she just felt like she needed to.  And we live on opposite sides of the country! (and this is before FB people, I didn't have a status of "holy crap, I'm in labour!")

So here it is: (and may I say it's fun to work with pink!)

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Anonymous said...

Lovely page! Thanks for sharing.

Melissa said...

What a great page - I like the pink doily & the colors you chose for this!

Jen said...

Thanks! It was fun to play with pink as I have two boys :)

Debbie P said...

Your layout is lovely! Great job!

iamsuperb said...

What a great page! I have a friend just like Thetis and I was going to do a page of our friendship as well. I think I might scrap lift your title!

Louise said...

a lovely layout. I don't often scrap in pink either!