Monday, August 9, 2010

Layout Monday - SO HAPPY!! :)

I love scrapbooking.  There is no if's and's or but's about it!  My fav thing to do as it captures my family's story while letting me be creative at the same time.  Here's the layout I did last night.  Sorry, NO SU content but inspiration.  The new Playdate DSP would be perfect for this page but... I'm trying to use some of my older paper up too.  Enjoy!

It says "Grade 2 GRAD"


Fran Chiupka said...

That's awesome Jen! Wish I had the patience for scrapbooking. Too much of a time commitment per page (ha!)Still have a box of scrapbooking stuff I bought when I was expecting my daughter, with the intention of scrapping each moment of her life....ya, well, that box is still in the basement and she's 7 now!

Jen said...

haha... I try for a down and dirty approach to scrapbooking. I work from another page or sketch and try to just get'r done! Otherwise, I'd play for hours and fuss over embellishments.

Kim Ryden said...

LOVE this layout! I can't wait until my little one is in school so I can scrap school pictures too! Ha ha! The Playdate DSP would have been super cute with this...but I hear ya about wanting to use up what you have! I have way too much DSP! Hope you have a great day!