Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday - Bonus Layout

Here's another layout for you.  I was stuck at home Monday with a sick boy and while he napped, I did this.  This is of my older son (the not sick one) who was away at camp that day.  He and I have the exact same colour eyes (greeny colour) and his are so expressive, I had to capture it.  These pictures were actually taken by accident (think my husband was playing with the macro setting or something) but I thought PERFECT!!

Here's the layout:

Here's a picture of the "inspiration" layout I used.  Found online and liked it - I print out a small picture of it with the pictures for the layout (use Photoshop and print on a 8.5 x 11 sheet of photo paper).

Here's PROOF, that I do screw up!!  A few of the ladies I was teaching beginner scrapbooking too seem to think I never screw up and that it is only them who has to move stuff after they've stuck it down.  LADIES, why do you think I am so good at coming up with ideas to cover/fix the boo-boos???  Cause I do it ALL the time!!  This time, I'd started sticking it all down then realized I hadn't inked the edges like I wanted to.

Take the time to do something scrappy today!!  Jen
PS Sorry, again mostly non-SU stuff!  Used a Kraft cordoruy brad, the new Antique Trinkets and my two star punches/scallop edge punch! 
PPS I'm working through 2010 so watch for February 2010 next week :)  I file all my pictures by year/month/ then sub-folders if needed (ie 2010/April/Disneyland/California Adventure/To Print)  And as I use the pictures, I rename the folders so 2010 now has January-scrapped inside it! 

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