Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pumpkin Carving

Okay, I have been sucking at keeping this up to date. I have been creating (albeit slowly) lately and not posting so I will try to start posting, even if it's a quick photo.

Here is my latest using my Scraptastic and Gossamer Blue kits from October.

I have also been trying to decide on what kit club I want to go with.  I had incredibly specific things I was looking for and after several months of looking I finally figured it out.  Here's what I was looking for:
1.  No stamps included - I rarely stamp on my layouts (to be honest, on ANYTHING) so didn't want a stamp included as the cost of that included means less other product in the kit.
2.  No or very little cardstock (and if cardstock neutral usable cardstock).  I have an entire Expedit cube full of 12 x 12 cardstock from years of kits and I never use any other than white, cream, kraft and occasionally grey.  So again, I don't need more and cost of this means less other stuff.
3.  Thickers - It's a weakness so I wanted them in every kit OR at bare minimum not other alphas that I'll never use (too big or not usable colours).
4.  A fantastic DT and active kit club members!  Part of the awesomeness of being part of a kit club is being inspired by the DT's creations and by others in the club using the kits. I'm a busy lady, and inspiration helps a lot.
5.  New product.   I am also on a BUDGET so getting the latest and greatest in my kits means I spend far less on the product I wanted but didn't think I was getting in kits (and when it shows up in kits months later and I bought it... sooooo annoying).
6.  Shipping doesn't take forever.  I'm in Canada and most kit clubs are not.  Shipping can mean I wait weeks for the kit everyone in the States got only days after release. That, to put it bluntly, sucks.

So, what kit did I land on?  I'm excited to say the Hip Kit Club.  Their DT do process videos constantly (not on my list but a huge bonus) and it met every single picky thing I was looking for.  I just received their November kit which is excellent.  It's got lots of Xmas-y stuff in it and I have LOTS of October kit stuff left to use so I will continue to post my creations from the October kits for the next while and as we move into the Xmas season... you will see my Hip Kit creations coming soon.

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