Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Trying new ideas

So, this month I hit a bit of a creative block after using my kits for a while. There was a lot of orange/peach/yellow in the kits and these are honestly not colours I use a lot. They were gorgeous and I found it fun at first to mix it up a bit... but then I started seriously jonesing for just a good blue or green :) haha.

I didn't feel I was ready to just say uncle either though... so I laid the kits all out and had this realization:
1.  I actually had used up a LOT of the kits already and done 6 layouts. That is pretty respectable.
2.  What was bugging me more was the huge amount of embellishments left over that I honestly knew were unlikely to make it onto layouts later just due to the colours.
3.  The photos I had printed for October that were still waiting to be scrapped really did go well with these kits!!

So, here is what I did. I used a technique I saw on You Tube by Irit Landgraf where I used a bunch of die cuts that I then gesso-ed over.  This allowed me to use up some of the bits I knew weren't likely to get used due to the colours and it added a really neat element to my page.  I really like trying out new things and I figured if it was a miserable failure... oh well, they were bits I wasn't sure I'd use later anyways.  It's not my favourite page I've ever done... by a long shot but I also don't hate it, LOL.  I look at it now and wish I'd maybe added more gesso out into the white space and had a bit more of the misted watercolour look but I am NOT going back to it. It has been put in my album.

I'm actually pretty pleased with the result as, after all, it was my first attempt and only the 2nd or 3rd time I've tried using gesso. As in EVER! :)

I did try to add gelatos with packaging like Irit does so brilliantly but the limited colours I had were so NOT pleasing me.  So I misted some Heidi Swapp gold and coral Color Shine onto the packaging and that gave me the soft colouring I was looking for (ugh, I really tried to get rid of that yellow as it's too harsh but no love... live and learn, gelatos may be Irit's friend but not sure yet it they are mine!!)

So another one bites the dust and here is what I have decided. I am done with layouts for this kit. There is one piece of pp I really like and it will come along to November with me. The rest I am going to try to use up with my PL for October as it's mostly scraps. AND... yet again, the coloured cardstock goes into my stash as I never ever use it. (part of why I moved to a new kit club, 6 pieces of wasted cardstock a month pretty consistently, I'd much rather get a few more pieces of pp or another embellishment and pay the same price)

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