Friday, October 25, 2013

Creative Scrappers - Sketch 253 - My take

Happy Friday scrappy peeps. I am thrilled to have FINALLY finished this layout.  Been working on it off and on since the day this sketch went up on the 13th. Two weeks is a LONG time for me to work on the same layout.  But... life is busy right now and if I cleaned my poor, poor messy work space off... likely I could have done it faster :)  I need to start scrapping at night but I'm usually too tired.  Coffee? Chocolate? Will power?

Anywho... here is the original sketch:

And here is my take on it!!  I love, love, LOVE these pictures.  There were more but I really wanted to highlight these... I may just have to do a 2nd layout of the others (where we posed with ATG guns like Charlie's Angels).  I gotta say, best scrappy friends EVER for being willing to do this and ham it up just as much as I was willing to do.  We were walking around in these pink wigs all night, made a Subway run in them at 11:00pm and kept saying "Hey!  Stick it up!!" haha

Have a super scrappy weekend.  I'm single parenting it (AGAIN!!) but hope to clean my scrap room and get my latest PL pictures printed off and into my album.


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