Sunday, October 27, 2013

PL Sunday

Well, I kept going on Saturday with my Project Life spreads.  I did clean my office too (I'll post a pic on Monday) but most got done on the floor as I used up bits and pieces rather than having to put them away.  It's motivating when you know you need to clean... I use up so much stash that way :)

This week I had a full "side" but had a couple extra pictures I also wanted to use.  Rather than trying to fill up another full page protector I found an insert to put in the few extra pictures.
I look at it now and see I really was cramming a lot in so likely just doing a double page spread would have worked better with a couple filler cards.  Oh well.  Used mostly Elle's Studio on this one.
Here's the front side of the insert for the same week.  We had all gotten new shoes the weekend before and I thought it was cute we all had New Balance so took a picture. It also surprised me with how BIG my boys feet are now.  Not so very far off from adult sized shoes!

Filler cards, a picture of a friend's baby wearing a sweater I bought when she was born (bought it big as they didn't have any smaller sizes but was SO cute I had to send it!!)
Also used this "everything is going to be OK" card as life was very hectic and crazy and I was feeling it a LOT this week.

Here the next week.  My youngest and I were fighting colds so got a shot of our bodum of tea (we drank a LOT of it all week to help with congestion and achy bodies)  I also got a few random everyday shots of us.  A Costco run, my son doing school work, a failed dinner where we ended up having tuna melts as the chicken wasn't ready, a cool display of apples in a grocery store.  I also documented our ferry ride to Vancouver.  We live on an island but it's big and has most everything here so... I think we forget sometimes it is an island!
And here is the next week (and caught up now to the spread I posted Saturday!).  Again, taking pictures of everyday things; T to B, L to R, : big grocery shop that I prepped for easy dinners, my son at art class, my first attempt at making calzones, me at the hairdresser finally getting my hair done after months and months of having to cancel appts, my husband WAY up on a scary ladder changing the light bulb on our 2nd story ceiling fan (and cleaning it for me, yuck!!), my brother and niece, a Skype call with them and a gorgeous shot my husband took of Mt Baker when we were out doing family pictures that weekend.
This layout incoorporates Scraptastic, Simon Says Stamp and Noel Mignon kits!!  

Happy Scrapping! 


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