Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Week in the Life - FINISHED!!

As I mentioned I got my Week in the Life pictures all prepped for the BC Crop for Kids weekend.  (which was a BLAST BTW and I'll do a post very soon just about that!!!)

Here are all my finished layouts.  I did them in Design A Project Life page protectors with 8x10 inserts to hold the daily write-up.  I used the Collect App for almost all the pictures (3x4 size) except having 1 - 4x6 per day as a "title" card that I put "Week in the Life" and the day on.  You can see the pictures dwindle mid-week, pick up a bit, Saturday we ran errands and were out for dinner so not a lot of pictures (but I wrote out more for that day saying what we did, and then Sunday we did a bunch of fun stuff and I snapped pictures all day long :)


Day 1 - Monday, September 9th

Day 2 - Tuesday, September 10th

Day 3 - Wednesday, September 11th
Day 4- Thursday, September 12th

Day 5 - Friday, September 13th

Day 6 - Saturday, September 14th

Day 7 - Sunday, September 15th

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