Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jen's Studio - Expedit 4x4 unit - AKA the closet!

Welcome to Day 2 of my studio "tour".  Today I am going to show you the rest of my 4x4 Expedit unit that fits in the closet of my studio (see yesterday's post about my system for PL - BTW, watch this post for an explanation of how I store my PL page protectors!)

I am in the 4th upstairs bedroom on our house. As we are lucky enough to have spare room in the basement, I took over this room as my own. I could have taken the basement room but I wanted windows and light and to NOT be right there near the rec room and my kids.  They are 11 & 9 now and as they get older... they don't want their mom right there and I don't want to try to scrap while they are all screaming over video games :)

Here's the entire 4x4 unit.  See my Project Life stuff up there on the top L?  I have a ton of different things going on in this unit. The bottom blue bins have my kits, misc and a couple are actually empty now (I did a HUGE purge a few months ago).  The white boxes have stuff like extra embellishments, ribbon (which I rarely use but didn't want to get rid of) and one has all my envelopes and tags in it.  I also have my mini sewing machine and sewing kit in there, the green and purple kit (which I'll show a close up of later in the week!) is all small embellishments and then there is my paper.  See next picture!

Now, see the two red binders on the far right?  Those are my page protectors.  All my 12x12 are in one and my PL ones in the other.  I have an extra full box of Design A under all my core kit cards too (Michael's had a good sale! LOL) Makes it easy to grab and pull out what I need.  I mainly use Design A but occasionally use an insert of need a different orientation.

This is most of my paper.  I pared down to only 12x12 as I rarely do cardmaking anymore. Top is my cardstock sorted by colour.  Next down is all my patterned paper, also by colour.  I did a MAJOR purge on my pp too recently as I had so much I just was never going to use.  I also get a monthly kit so... it's all in a pile under my desk and I let the kids use it for projects.

Here's view of the top of my unit.  My PL stuff on the left.  The black and green cases are all prepped layout boxes.  Both full actually from my last crop as I did PL catch up and between that, classes and being sick... I never got to anything else :(

TOMORROW, I am going to show you the kits that are on top.  Those boxes are my Sept and Oct Noel Mignon kits and the 2nd on the right says "New Stuff". A catch all for new things I want to use (mostly pp).

Happy Scrapping!


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