Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy Scrappy Saturday!

Hi all!  I have some time today to scrap (also have a huge to-do list too...) so my first goal was to clean my scrap space up so I can work on my work space rather than the floor (as the work space is covered in piles from unpacking from a crop last month!!).  But I was mid-PL spread so I did that first, LOL.  On the floor.  Oh well. It's done and I'm happy.  NEXT I am cleaning up my scrap space.

Anyways, here is my PL for Oct 7-14.  I usually do just 1 side per week but this was a long weekend (Thanksgiving in Canada) so I did both sides as we wandered and took pictures over the weekend.

Here's the full spread!  I used bits from my Noel Mignon October kit and from the September Scraptastic This Life Noted grab bag (didn't buy the full kit, just the cards).  Think they worked quite well together.  I try not to buy must PL-specific stuff as: 1. I'm on a budget and my Noel Mignon kits take up that budget but also provide me with ALL the stuff I need to scrap all month long! 2. As I have a ROOM FULL of supplies and scraps and embellishments so I really don't need more stuff when I can just use that.

 Here is the left side.  I had my son fill in the details on his field trip.  (which unfortunately he did while distracted by the tv, should have removed him to elsewhere!)  But I'm glad his voice is on here and I added the postcard he'd hung onto after the field trip.  It's sideways but I don't care.  I wasn't with him on the field trip so happy to include something.

 This is the right side.  Our long weekend adventures (all the nature pictures) as well as a shot of our non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner (long story) and a picture of my niece.  She lives a day's drive away so I love getting pictures of her from my brother and SIL. I try to include special ones in our PL layouts. (this one is her first solid food).  She always has the funniest expressions on her face.

Hope you are all having a great weekend. It's overcast and cool here... so perfect scrapping weather!  (and chore weather, and get some school work done weather, and finish putting up the Halloween decorations weather, and... )



cdm317 said...

Love your PL layout. Great pictuers and design.

Gretchen said...

great spread Jen!