Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Project Life - Jen style

So as I posted a while back, I started Project Life (only in June... hard to believe as it feels like I've been doing forever now - in a GOOD way!).  I wanted to start posting my layouts on here with some regularity (notice I don't say weekly as... that is most likely not to happen as I tend to do monthly or biweekly at most!). I thought I'd do some catch up first and start with my first ever PL layout.  I didn't have any PL supplies with the exception of some page protectors, which I actually stole from my friend's PL baby album I was working on as her gift.

Here it is:

This was the week before the end of school and Father's Day weekend.  As I've mentioned, I am doing Project Life as this:

  1. Trying to keep each week to 1- 12x12 page protector.  Highlights only.
  2. I add these directly into my regular, chronological, family album. No special PL album. (I have a little video on this... need to figure out how to upload and edit!)
  3. The events that require/need/whatever a full layout get a full layout and as best fits they go beside, in front of behind the PL week they go with (and usually there is a highlight of same event on the PL page).
  4. I'm flexible!!! So sometimes with a long weekend the week gets a page and the long weekend gets it's own PL page too (so that week is 2 - 12x12 page protectors).  Or sometimes I do an insert (not often yet) if I have more to say or if there are sort of two themes to a week or something like that.
Things I'm trying to do to help me "keep up" with my PL but also my scrapbooking in general: (cause I am SUPER busy these days - aren't we all?! - and I just don't have the time I used to to scrapbook anymore)
  • download pictures at least once a month from all our sources (my phone, hubbie's phone, Nikon D90 and potentially my new little Nikon One -which I haven't been using... purely just not in habit to grab and need a case so I can put in my purse and leave it there!!)
  • have a supply of PL planning pages printed off so I can use. I scribble all over them and then tuck right into my album once I've sent those pictures off to be printed. Then when I can, I already know my plan (and usually as I'm planning I pick my cards too and put right into the page protectors...) and so...
  • when I have time, doing the PL pages is really a matter of cutting the pictures as needed and doing journalling and any extra embellishing I feel I need (which I don't have to really do ANY but of course, that's the fun part!!)
Last thing I want to now do... prep a portable PL "station".  Then when my kids are working on school stuff and don't need me I could bring it down and work on my stuff.  Then I'm not gathering a ton of stuff.  I need to really think about it but think it would include:
  • journalling pens
  • few washi tapes (neutrals, easy to use on most layouts)
  • scissors, tape runner, glossy accents
  • assortment of embellishments (think just grab my box instead of sorting out extra stuff)
  • small alpha stickers
If you have any suggestions, PLEASE, by all means leave me a comment on how to get this started.

I should be back tomorrow with a few more to share until we hit my recent stuff!!


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