Tuesday, January 26, 2010

52 Week Challenge - Week 3!!

My layouts for Janna Wilson's 52 week challenge. Her layout is quite obviously the last one in the post. I found these 3 pictures of each boy in my digital picture library. Seriously, I have no idea why their dad took exactly three pictures of each and how each picture was so different yet similar to the other brother. It was like they knew I would need 3 pictures each... do do do, do do do do... twilight zone :)
Each layout can stand on it's own but when beside each other (like they will be in my 2009 album, they also mean more. (ie Silly works for my older son and Faces works for my younger son but when side by side, Silly Faces makes sense too.... And the "OH' and the "BOY" on the bottom corners). Take some time to do something scrappy today!

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