Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby Album

More posts of Xmas presents I made in December but didn't get pictures of. This is the album I made for my son's teacher. Her baby turned 1 in December and she was his teacher last year too before her mat leave. We really love her and she is such a perfect teacher for him in his early years of school so I wanted to do something extra special to say Thank You. The pictures aren't great as I snapped them on a table really quick at the school yesterday (she was nice enough to let me do that as I didn't get pictures BEFORE I gave it to her). Enjoy!

That last picture is the back of the album for her to do a bit of writing and add a smaller pic maybe from his first birthday or with her. I gave it to her with a small stand so she could put on her desk at work if she wanted.
Take time to do something scrappy today! Have a great weekend everyone. Jen

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