Saturday, January 23, 2010

Unmounting Your Wood Mount Sets

Okay, who else would LOVE more room in their scrap room?? Who else loves how crisp rubber stamps are but hate the bulk of the wood mount... raise your hands? Anyone other than me got their hands up out there?

Well, I am in the process of unmounting and boy, did I find the BEST TIP EVER yesterday online. If the set is unmounted or mounted this still works....

Unmounted: Take the sticker that is meant for the back of the wood block and place it on the foam side of your stamp (remove backing first so it's sticky!). Trim off excess. Put a VERY small amount of Tombow liquid adhesive (SU sells) and using a foam brush, spread a thin coat over entire back surface. Leave to dry. The Tombow remains tacky and VOILA, the stamp is now a clear mount cling...

Mounted: Gently peel your stamp off the block, leaving the foam in place. If you are having trouble, put in the microwave for like 10 seconds and this softens it up and allows you to remove. Gently peel label off wood block and just as with the unmounted instructions, put on sticky side of foam. If it needs some help, use a bit of snail to keep it down. Trim off excess, do the fabulous Tombow trick and VOILA!!

I will post some pictures of the "process" tomorrow. I got so excited tonight, I just went for it and didn't take pictures along the way.

**Remember** Stampin' Up sells the Clear Mount Stamp Cases in bulk at 4 cases for $6.95. I will be posting a template for those cases so you can see the set along the spine and on the front, just like in the sets you buy as Clear Mount, fabulous!

Bulk Clear Mount Stamp Cases
4 cases per package

Cases are approximately the same size as a DVD case.

Take some time to do something scrappy today!


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